Polperro in Cornish means porthpyra means pyra cove

Polperro is an idealistic tourist destination with ancient fisherman’s cottages and attractive coastline.

It has a population of approx. 1500

The river pol runs through the town

Smuggling is thought to have prospered since polperro became a port in the 12th century.

Polperro has long been a magnet for artists – tourism became popular in the 20th century. You cannot drive in polerro you need to park at crumple horn and walk down to the village because the streets are too narrow

There are several restaurants and pubs

Polperro for centuries has been a pilchard fishing port

Festivals in polperro

  • The polperro festival

Arts festival

Polperro has a wild sandy shore and a natural pool ideal for swimming. From the car park it is possible to ride on a horse drawn carriage to the harbour.

It is still a working fishing port – it is a harbour town. The village was notorious for smuggling in the 18th and 19th century.

Places to visit.

  • Polperro heritage museum
  • Polperro model village
  • Polperro arts foundation
  • Museum of smuggling

Polperro has a small sandy beach – the beach is in front of willy wilcox cave, believed to be used by smugglers.

There are 2 pools – tidal pool and chapel pool (built in the 1940)

Polperro is one of the prettiest locations in Cornwall it has come 3rd in the most charming places in the uk

The narrow and picturesque streets are built around the harbour

Some of the first experiments in finger printing were carried out in the village.

It is an unspoilt 13th century fishing village that has a strong artist community with a variety of galleries

It has an annual 9-day festival in June.