Bude has over 2 times been voted the best UK coastal resort. Bude is an excellent location for a Cornwall holiday.

There is a lot to do around Bude – just over the border from Devon.

Surfers and ramblers flock to Bude clean beaches and rugged coast line

Bude is the ideal base for your family holiday

Great activities to do in Bude

Surfing and water sports

Cycling and Horse riding

Formally known as Bude haven

Bude is Cornwall’s most northern town. In the 19th century ship wreckers plundered over 80 vessels

Bude Castle

Bude castle

Bude castle

Bude castle was built by the inventor Sir Goldsworthy Gurney in 1830, it now houses the town Council

Bude is home to the Bude canal which was built in 1823 which runs for 35 miles

Some Bude attractions

Bude tunnel

Bude sea pool

Bude castle

Bude Segway

Bude is regarded as the gateway town to Cornwall

Six beaches are around Bude. So Bude really has something for all and an ideal base for your family holiday in Cornwall