Coverack is a coastal and fishing port in Cornwall – on the east side of the lizard peninsula and south of Falmouth.

The area is  a centre for water sports i.e. windsurfing sailing and diving

Christmas swim

Every year on Christmas day all the local villagers and tourists go swimming to raise funds for Cancer charities.

Coverack is a perfect destination for a Cornwall holiday or day trip – there is a pleasant beach which is safe for Yachts and leisure craft.

The harbour was constructed in 1724.

The villages main Inn – Paris is named after an American liner that hit the rocks in 1899.

Coverack is an attractive village and active but small fishing harbour. It has its own webcam over a beautiful and quaint harbour.

The beach is fairly rocky but a good family beach – it is ideal for anglers – it is also dog friendly

Crescent shaped beach with a delightful cove.

The old lifeboat house is now a fish and chip restaurant

Many of its white cottages are thatched.

The village grew in the 1700 s when there was a lot of pilchard fishing.

Green fingered visitors would love the Coverack show in august

Some Coverack events

  • Coverack Carnival
  • Coverack Regatta
  • Coverack Arts Festival