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Cornwall is the furthest county in the south west of England. Cornwall is bordered to the north and west by the Celtic sea.

Cornwall has a population of 563,000 and covers an area of 3,500 km approx. 1.300 Sq. miles.

The county has a capital in Truro city where the Cornwall council reside.

Cornwall is the homeland of the Cornish people.

Tin mining has been important to the Cornwall economy and then over time Cornish china clay. Fishing in Cornwall is a major factor in the economy.

Cornish Lithium

Cornwall Gold 

The increase in railways and improved road links have brought more and more tourists to Cornwall

St Pirans flag is the flag for Cornwall

Cornish Flags

St Piran generally regarded as the patron saint of Cornwall.

Cornwall’s only city is Truro – Truro is the capital of Cornwall

Newquay is on the North coast and is a popular destination for beaches and surfing.

St Austell is Cornwall’s largest town

Cornwall Myths Legends and Folklore

Cornish Kings


Cornwall has mild winters and cool summers and Cornwall has the mildest sunniest climate in the whole of United Kingdom


Rugged moors Brown willy  picturesque beaches and amazing coastlines


The main sports played in Cornwall are rugby football and cricket as well as surfing and sailing in the Olympics

Cornwall Sports 


Cornwall is best known for its pasties. Pasties in Cornwall are called locally as oggies

Cornish clotted cream is popular also various types of fish

Award winning restaurants and celebrity chefs produce some amazing food

Piracy and smuggling

Cornwall is known for its wreckers. During the 17/18 th century Cornwall was a major smuggling area.

Cornwall Pirates


Cornwall is one of the poorest area s of the country with wealthy retired people having bought up many homes – local Cornish people cannot afford them.

Today the Cornwall economy relies on the tourism industry which is approx. a quarter of the economy

Visitors are served by an airport in Newquay

Cornwall also has excellent roads and rail networks

Cornwall Tourism

Tourism in Cornwall brings in approx. 24% of GDP.

Famous people from or living in Cornwall

  1. Mick Fleetwood from Fleetwood Mac
  2. Roger Taylor. Roger Taylor was legendary band Queen's drummer. ...
  3. Dame Kristin Scott-Thomas.
  4. Robert Shaw. ...
  5. John Rhys-Davies. ...
  6. Ben Ainslie. ...
  7. Richard James. ...
  8. Thandie Newton.
  9. Dawn French
  10. Daphne Du Maurier
  11. Gordon Ramsay
  12. John Le Carre

Some Cornish to say

Hello! (literally good day

Dydh da! (didh dah)

Good morning! 

Myttin da! (MIT-in dah)

Good afternoon! 

Gorthuger da! (gor-THEW-uhr dah)

Good evening! 

Nos da! (nos dah)

Good bye! 

Duw genes! (dyoo GEH-nehs) if addressing one person

Good bye! 

Duw genowgh! (dyoo GUH-noh-gh) to more than one person

See you! 

Dha weles! (dha WEH-lehs)

Cornish Language


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