Mousehole is a village and fishing port in Cornwall. It is approx. 2.5 miles from Penzance

Mousehole was famous for pilchards which were exported to France as early as 1302.

Mousehole had several fairs and markets in the 16th century. Now mousehole hosts a variety of festivals and community activities.

Every 19th December the Christmas lights are turned on in memory of a lifeboat disaster,1981 the whole crew of 8 lost their lives in hurricane waters.

23rd December Tom Bawcocks Eve a festival is held to celebrate the ending of famine in the 16th century

“The loveliest village in England “– Dylan Thomas

Every 2 years sea salt and sail festival is held.

Mousehole cat

The mousehole cat is a children’s book written in 1990 also made into a short animation film.

It tells the story of a cat that goes out into a stormy sea to save the village from starvation.

Mouser saves the day by purring to calm the storm

The recent 2019 film BAIT was set around mousehole. The story is about a fisherman that struggles to make a living against rich second home buyers and coping in a changing world.

Mousehole is a lovely fishing village, a hundred years ago it was a busy port

In November every year timber beams are laid in the harbour to protect the houses from the winter gales.

Dolly Pentreath, the last person to only speak Cornish language lived in mousehole – died 200 years ago – there is a memorial in the village of “Paul” close to mousehole

Mousehole has a safe small beach which ids lovely for families

Don’t forgot to go to the mousehole wild bird hospital – which has been open since 1928

The Christmas lights in December are famous throughout Cornwall, they are turned off for 1 hour on the anniversary of the Penlee lifeboat tragedy of 1981 where most of the crew lost their lives.

Mousehole is a charming beautiful destination, one of the most unspoilt in Cornwall – ideal if you want to get away from it all

Mousehole is pronounced “mowzel” it is a very attractive tourist resort great for a family Cornwall holiday…

Some of mousehole harbour originates from 1390 possibly the oldest pier in Cornwall

It was known as “porth enys “port of the island it was derived from the Cornish word “moe shayle meaning “young women’s brook

Mousehole has a rich history of smuggling brandy, gin tobacco and tea – there also has been a smugglers tunnel hidden in a former fisherman’s cottage.