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Tintagel or TREVENA means village on a mountain. The population of the parish is approx:1700 people. The nearby Tintagel Castle is associated with the legend of King Arthur.

Tintagel Castle is a medieval fortification on the peninsula of Tintagel island. It was occupied in Roman times.

The castle was built on the site by Richard 1st Earl of Cornwall

tintagel castle

tintagel castle

Tintagel and King Arthur

King Arthur was a legendary British leader who led the defences of Britain against Saxon invaders in 5th and 6th century’s

Arthur was depicted as king of Britain, his wife was called GUINERVE and his magical sword was EXCALIBUR

Legend tells that Merlin still walks there and that his voice can sometimes be heard. The Idylls of the King, by Alfred Lord Tennyson, Merlin is described standing on the beach, beside the entrance to the cave, with the infant Arthur raised high in his arms.

Various films have been made about the king Arthur legend

The sword in the stone

Monty python and the Holy Grail

ARTHUR – Dawn of Destiny

The kid who would be king

Tintagel castle has been a tourist attraction since the 19th century

King Arthurs footprint is a hollow rock at the highest point of Tintagel south side where King Arthur leap to the main land.

The village has Tintagel old post office which dates back from the 18th century

The coastline around tintagel is composed of Devonshire slate. There are various quarries around tintagel

There is small beach at Tintagel haven north of the castle as well as “Merlin’s Cave “under the castle.

Tintagel was a thriving trading port and was a trading settlement of Celtic kings. It is an ideal location for family Cornwall holidays.