Sennen village is approx. 8 miles south west of Penzance. Old custom – on the old Christmas day (6th Jan) the farmers of sennen assembled for the festivities in the 1830s, one of the dishes was a pie made from 24 black birds.

Sennen cove has crystal clear water and is a great surf spot.

Sennen cove harbour is home to small fishing boats sennen beach is situated just around the corner from lands’ end. The beach is called white sands bay, near the middle of the beach a shallow stream runs down to the sea.

The famous RNLI base at sennen cove was founded in 1853.

The whopper of sennen cove

On a beautiful day when the skies are clear blue, a strange mist can be seen over the cove echoing a strange whooping sound. It is said the whopper predicts storms which prevents fishermen going to their peril.

In the village you can browse around round house and capstan gallery – a circular art gallery selling Cornish art and craft.

The name sennen – is believed to derive from senana, the Celtic saint of the parish church. Sennen feast day is celebrated on advent Sunday.

During WW2, sennen was the site of an RAF base – RAF Sennen . The base was set up in 1942 and remained an airbase until the 1970s – it is now a popular site for hang gliders.

The name also is thought to have come from SEN-NAN (holy valley)

Sennen smugglers

Sennen is notorious for smugglers at the extreme end of Cornwall it was the centre for free trade.