Penryn is on the Penryn river about 1 mile from the bigger town of Falmouth

It was a famous harbour shipping granite and tin to various parts of the country; the population is 9800 approx. It is one of Cornwall’s ancient towns

By the mid-17th century Penryn had a thriving trade in tin, fish sand copper

Penryn today is a lovely quiet town with a clock tower dated from 1839 it has Tudor and Georgian buildings.

It is said that the town was founded in 1216 by bishop Simon of Exeter

Penryn is a Cornish word meaning “headland “it is home to University college Falmouth

Don’t forget to visit

  • Penryn town museum
  • Penryn water taxi
  • Enys gardens
  • Kennall vale
  • Raze the roof indoor play area


In its heyday Penryn exported all over the world in such places as Singapore and Gibraltar. The granite was used in the construction of London bridge

The centre of town has an attractive clock tower

Penryn is a convenient base for a Cornwall family holiday and is great to discover west and mid Cornwall.

A ghostly coast coach drawn by a headless horse appear at Christmas time, so the legend says

It is one of the oldest market towns in Cornwall as you walk around penryn look out for the old water pump.

Penryn is home of TREMOUGH campus used by university college of Falmouth.

The town has boat yards and is ideal location for sailing as well as galleries and restaurants

Look out for

  • Penryn fair day
  • Penryn carnival
  • Party in the park

Penryn has had a mayor since 1621 when the town received its royal charter.