About Us

www.cornwalldirect.co.uk is an independent Travel portal, with the purpose of providing Accommodation (through Booking.com) – together with selected adverts and  Information, what’s on, Towns and Cities.

It is wholly owned by Lontec (Iain Londesborough) and is not affiliated with any local council or nationally run government website to Cornwall.

Having lived in Cornwall since the 1970s, grew up in Newquay and St Austell, school in Truro and Newquay.

Holidayed in Cornwall sampled many beaches and events.

Cornwall Direct was formed with the ethos of Family, fun, value and fresh – hence the use of vibrant orange for sun and sand.

Cornwall Direct was established in 2010 and wishes to make direct connections with local Cornish business.

We wish you to enjoy your Cornwall holiday have a fab fun day on the beach, wind a country lane and sample some amazing sea food from world renowned chefs and maybe take in an attraction or two…

Whatever changes and evolution that Cornwall Direct becomes over the next couple of years – vouchers, deals offers etc ; the ethos will remain the same – family, fun and value.

We thrive on our love for Cornwall.

“Your Cornwall Holiday starts here”