Launceston is steeped in ancient history – it has a Norman castle and nearby prison.

Launceston was once the capital of Cornwall and is ideal for your family holiday in Cornwall

Launceston is situated between Dartmoor and Bodmin moor. Launceston is known as the gateway to Cornwall

Population 9200 approx.

Launceston house museum near the castle grounds is a small but friendly museum

Launceston castle was once the admin headquarters of the earl of Cornwall.

George Fox founder of the Quakers was Launceston museum most famous prisoner.

Some of the exhibits of Launceston castle date back 1000 years

Places to visit in Launceston

Launceston steam railway with its 5-mile journey around the kersey – this will leave you chuffed after a day on the tracks and an ideal treat for your family holiday in Cornwall.

Launceston annually hosted the “Castle Rock “music festival in July

Launceston stands on the Cornish border with Devon

Launceston priory was once the wealthiest in Cornwall

Things to love in Launceston

Norman castle

Cobbled streets

Picturesque village

The earliest Cornish mint was at Launceston

By the 12 th century the town became the only walled town in Cornwall.

Launceston is an ideal place for your family holiday in Cornwall