St Neot

St Neot

St Neot is a civil parish in Cornwall with a population at 947 in 2011 it is between Bodmin and Liskeard.

The village is named after a Saxon monk “Saint Neot” who stood 2 feet tall, it means pleasant pasture.

The manor of St Neot was recorded in the Doomsday book 1086.

In 2004 the village was voted Calor village of the year and 2006 village of the decade.

The parish of St Neot is the second largest parish in Cornwall. To the north lies Bodmin moor and the south farmland.

The name of the Inn at St Neot (The London Inn) suggests that this was a stopping place for travellers on route to London.

Many events in St Neots – Pantomime in February, summer carnival fetes and flower festival.

The parish church is famous for its stained glass window.

Saint Neot (St Neot) was noted for his miracles and his work with animals.

St Neots was historically a busy centre with copper, tin and silver mining.

Dozmary pool is in the parish of st neot is said to be where King Arthurs sword Excalibur rests

St Neot is surrounded by lots of woodland and is ideal destination for a Cornwall holiday.