Penzance is the most westerly major town in Cornwall – it has a population of 21000 approx.

Some of the interesting buildings in Penzance include – the Egyptian house and the union hotel also of interest is the bathing pool – jubilee pool

The pirates of Penzance

This is a comic opera set in two acts – the story is about Fredric who must complete his apprenticeship to pirates and meets Mabel his new love.


Penzance – PENNSANS “holy headland “in Cornish.

Penzance railway station opened in March 1852

The west Cornwall steam ship company was established 1870 to operate services between Penzance and isles of Scilly

The Penzance mining and science school was founded 1890 which teached mining till 1910 when it combined with Cambourne school of mines. During the 19th century until 1912 Penzance had the largest smelting works in Cornwall

Penzance is home to the Cornish pirates Cornwall’s successful rugby team.

The English inventor Sir Humphry Davey who invented the Davey lamp was born in Penzance.

It has a very mild climate with palm trees and sub-tropical plants.

Penzance’s savoy cinema is believed to be England’s longest running cinema

Penzance is the main departure point for anyone travelling to the isles of Scilly either by helicopter or ferry.

Penzance is famous as a family friendly Cornwall holiday destination.

The attractive market town has developed from a small fishing village.

Jubilee pool – outdoor lido is located on the sea front. An art deco 1930s lido and said to be Britain’s largest outdoor lido.

Some events

  • Golowan festival
  • Mazey day

Places to visit

  • Tremeheere sculpture gardens
  • Merry maidens
  • Penlee house gallery and gardens
  • The Egyptian house



There are many ghosts around Penzance watch out….