Marazion is 2 miles east of Penzance and St Michaels mount which is half mile offshore.

St Michaels mount is an island in mounts bay Cornwall, the castle and island is the home to the St Aubyn family since 1650 and covers 57 acres. Its Cornish name translates to “the grey rock in the wood”

St Michael’s mount may have been the site for a monastery from 8th century

By 1811 there were 53 houses and four streets – eventually 3 schools a chapel and 3 public houses. A short underground railway was constructed in about 1900 used to bring goods back and forth

In 1954 the St Aubern family retained a 999 lease to inhabit the castle land and historic rooms in conjunction with the national trust.

Marazion is a tourist resort with lots of local artists as well as potters.

The population of marazion in 2011 was approx. 1,400

The local community radio is coast FM

Two fabulous beaches and Cornwall’s oldest town. Across mounts bay is one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

Marazion is a great location for a family Cornwall holiday and a great place for kite surfing and sailing.

Marazion marsh is a large reed bed and is site of special scientific interest where thousands of starlings roost every year

St Michael’s mount castle rises 230 feet above sea level

Marazion beach is a safe family beach with lifeguard is within easy distance of the major attractions around west Cornwall

Top attractions in and around marazion

  • St Michael’s mount
  • Marazion beach
  • All saints church marazion
  • Marazion museum
  • Marazion marsh

The old name for marazion was MARGHAS YOU which means “Thursday market “