cornwall holidays airbnb

cornwall holidays airbnb

cornwall holidays airbnb

cornwall holidays airbnb

Cornwall Holidays – How an Airbnb Could Give You a New Way to Holiday


Cornwall is a long-standing holiday destination loved by many, and it’s clear to see why. From the friendly locals, lovely beaches and a wealth of holiday homes, there’s something for everyone down in Cornwall.


Despite the wealth of chalets, camping sites and other accommodation, Airbnb is emerging as a clear winner for the local visitor. When you stop and take a look at the benefits, it’s clear to see why.

What is an Airbnb?


The idea of an Airbnb is pretty simple. People can rent their spaces out for others to stay in for a cost. It’s a good way to use a property all year round, even if you only have it for a holiday home.


You list the property with Airbnb themselves, and if someone likes it, they’ll book it. There’s a commission that the company takes, naturally, but the rest of the price is yours to take in profit.

Why Airbnb in Cornwall?


If you’re thinking about visiting Cornwall for your holiday, then an Airbnb is the best way to spend your time as it’s one of the best accommodation options on offer.


First of all, the accommodation you can stay in is diverse. You’ve got little cabins, proper homes, and everything in between. Essentially, you’ve got something for every preference and budget, which is not a bad thing by any means.


Next point, they’re entirely kitted out and suitable places to live. This isn’t a campsite where you need to rough it by yourself or a chalet which hasn’t been properly stocked. This will be a proper home space which is often furnished by the owner and has everything you’ll need.


The flexibility of choice is what makes Airbnb so successful, and some of them have unique characteristics that you won’t get from other accommodations.

A Few Great Airbnb Ideas


There are plenty of great Airbnb ideas in Cornwall. Let’s talk about some of them:

Sea View Apartments Newquay


Located in the heart of Newquay, these gorgeous self-catering apartments give you some of the best views of the sea, and you’re within walking distance of the local facilities – bliss!

sea view

Trematon Castle


If you want something a little different, then you’ll want to check out this amazing offering of a castle with a gorgeous Indian-style pool and a walled garden that is just to die for. It’s nestled in the heart of the Cornish countryside, so you’ll be at home in nature.


Scandinavian Lodge, Carharrack


If you want something truly unique, check out this amazing Scandinavian lodge in Carharrack. It’s got three double bedrooms, a hot tub and a pool – very cool.

Final Thoughts


It’s clear that a proper Airbnb experience is one that will give you ample opportunity to experiment and enjoy yourself, which is exactly what you need from a holiday to Cornwall. It’s well worth having a look at what properties are available in the local area and finding something which will tickle your fancy.