Cornwall Holiday Accommodation with Electric Car Charging Points

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Cornwall Holiday Accommodation with Electric Car Charging Points


Cornwall is a popular holiday destination, and due to the location at the very bottom of the UK, the journey can take some time. There is an airport in Newquay, and the train service can take you there, but by far and away the most popular choice of transport for tourists is the car. The M5, the closest motorway, stops before reaching the county, and therefore you will find yourself on A roads or in some locations Broads and a maze of country lanes!


Explore by Car


However, having a car handy is also the best way to get around as there is a lot to see, so giving yourself the freedom to move around as you choose is a great idea. We don’t immediately consider the rise in electric vehicles, meaning that EV car drivers are going to be looking for reliable charging points before making that vacation booking. We are delighted to say that although Cornwall may often be considered a backwater, electric vehicles are catered for, and your best choice would be to seek accommodation in a hotel or holiday villa that has dedicated charging points on site – and yes, there are several to choose from!


Environmentally Friendly 


Being such a beautiful location, it is little wonder that there is a desire to help people make their lives more environmentally friendly. Despite world restrictions, 2021 was the first year that saw 100% electric vehicles outsell the hybrid alternatives that still use petrol or diesel in part. This means there is a clear shift in consumer mindset, and people trust the reliability of the EV. However, there are fewer charging points than petrol stations. With queuing in the summer months as people flock to the Cornish coastline, ensuring you can keep your battery in top condition is very important.


Finding Charging Points


One really useful website you can visit is CarWow who offers an interactive map that enables you to search the whole of the UK, and there are plenty to choose from in Cornwall. It shows all charging points, not just those attached to accommodation, so you will find supermarkets and other locations where you could grab a quick top up if needed. The site has 58 locations marked for the county, but the number is likely to be greater with some private points not registered and, of course, the addition of new points being added all the time.


Holiday search websites are also adding this as an option to their criteria, enabling you to filter by feature and specifically search those properties with the all-important charging point. As this is still a relatively new concept, we suggest you use a combination of the interactive map and holiday websites to find your perfect location and accommodation. Again, some destinations will be missing from some mapping services but present in others. Rest assured, there is plenty of choice from hotel to self-catering, so you can bring your electric car to Cornwall with total confidence.

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