Cornwall Glamping

Cornwall Glamping

Cornwall glamping

Cornwall Glamping


Cornwall is a stunning place and offers a lot of natural beauty. How should you check out everything the area can provide?


Glamping, of course!


Wait, what is glamping? Well, we‘ve got the definition here:


Noun (Informal)


The Activity of camping with some of the comforts and luxuries of home.


Look, not everybody is sold on the idea of camping in tents on the ground – you get battered by the elements, it’s unpleasant, and you often wish you were back at home with a nice book and central heating. We get it.


That’s why glamping is such a popular choice these days. It is a better, more enjoyable alternative to typical camping. With that being said, let’s take a look at what the experience offers.

Take a Break From it All


One of the big reasons why people love glamping so much is because it lets them take a break from everything.


It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from, you’re in good hands. Glamping lets you take a few nights away from it all, or even a longer holiday if you want it. The facilities are available for as long as you want to stick around, so take the time to kick back and relax!

Plenty to See and Do


The great thing about glamping is that there is plenty to see and do, at the end of the day. Loads of places all around the area form connections with glamping sites to offer fun holiday activities. You can go canoeing, kayaking, horse riding, biking and more. Whatever you want to try out when you’re glamping, you’re free to do so.

Beautiful Views, No Discomfort


Glamping is great because it offers people the chance to be able to kick back, explore and enjoy themselves. You’ll get to see some absolutely amazing locations without any real issues, and there are plenty of things to see and do as a result.


However, what a lot of people love about glamping is the fact that there’s no discomfort involved. You don’t have to struggle with a tent, or get cold all night – you’ve got modern comforts on hand.

Easy Access


There are a lot of reasons why people opt to go glamping in the Cornwall area – as you can tell! However, one of the hidden benefits to Cornwall is that it is just so easy to reach.


It’s such an easy place to get to and that does make a lot of difference. There are airports in Newquay,Plymouth and Exeter, and many trains. Getting to Cornwall for your holiday is easy.

Final Thoughts


So, by now, you’ve probably worked out that when it comes to your glamping trip, you’ve got a lot of options at your disposal. This is fantastic, because it opens up plenty of holiday activities. Glamping stands out from the crowd because it’s a much better way to do things, and people love the incredible variety on offer. Getting access to modern comfort and convenience makes such a big difference, and it is easy to see why people love it so much.


Everything is different with glamping. Sleeping, bathrooms, heating and cooking are all done in the comfort of your own home. Try glamping for yourself and see what’s on offer!