cornish language sayings and phrases

Cornish sayings and phrases


Durdatha whye! Good day to you!
Deeth daa. Good day.
Metten daa. Good Morning.
Ha soce! Hello mate.
Gothewhar daa. Good evening.
Lowena tha whye! or

Betho whye lowenack!

Happiness to you!
Fatla gena whye? How are you?
Fatel era whye keele? How are you doing?
Daa lowar o ve.
Anowre. Bye
Comero weeth. Take care.
Mor pleag. Please

Thank You

Durdalada whye! or

Merastawhye! or


Thank you.
Ar’m Are ’em/aren’t they
Ay? I beg your pardon?
Bal Mine
Bos Homestead
Bre Hill
Broder Brother
Bully Large pebble
Cakey Soft, feeble minded
Carn heap of stones
Chacking Thirsty
Chi House
Crib A mid-morning break for a snack
Cummas ‘zon Come on, hurry up
Dreckley / Dreckly At some point in the future
Dreckzel Threshold of a doorway
Dydhda Hello
Eglos Church
Ess Yes
Fizzogg Face


Food and Drink

Bolla tay/coffy. A cup of tea/coffee.
Cor. Beer.
Gwyne. Wine.
Cyder. Cider.
Dowr. Water.
Hoggan. A pasty
Tezan saffern . Saffron cake.
Bara. Bread.
Scubmaw. Chips.
Pesk. Fish.
Gwin Wine
Heller Child who plays their parents up
Henting Raining hard
Hwoer Sister
Ilo Music
Jowse Shake or rattle